3 Recipes To Make For Cinco De Mayo

Mexican grilled corn for Cinco De Mayo

Mexican grilled corn for Cinco De Mayo

Although Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday, it has become more popular in the United States than in its country of origin. The holiday originally commemorated the victory of Mexican forces over the French in 1962. But, for most U.S. participants, May 5 festivities are a celebration of the rich Mexican-American culture. Celebrations include parties, parades, mariachi music, dancing, and traditional Mexican food. To join in the festivities, try your hand at making a few easy, Mexican-inspired dishes.

Churros and Champurrado

Churros originated in Spain and Portugal, but the sugary treat made its way to Mexico. There, you can usually find them sold by street vendors in shopping districts. In the U.S., they’re a common sight at fairs and carnivals. Mexican versions of churros are an indulgent combination of deep-fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. People in Latin cultures often eat them as a breakfast dish. They will commonly serve them alongside champurrado, a thick, creamy, Mexican relative of hot chocolate. If you would like to give the treat a try this Cinco de Mayo, use this easy-to-follow churro recipe.


What dip should you have at your Cinco de Mayo celebration? Guacamole, of course. Guacamole is synonymous with Mexican cuisine in America. It’s made out of avocados, lime or lemon juice, diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. The main ingredient in the dip is avocados. In fact, in Mexico, people often call avocados “green gold.” One reason the dip is so popular is that it is so versatile. You can spice it up with jalapeños or cayenne pepper. Or you can make it sweet by adding fruit. For more traditional guacamole with a little bit of a kick, try this recipe.

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Mexican Street Corn

If you’re a fan of Mexican street corn, you’re going to love how simple this recipe is. Just grab a few ears of corn and cook them however you like. You can grill them, boil them, or lather them in butter and stick them in the oven. Then, while the ears of corn are cooking, make a savory sauce to go on top. All you have to do is mix Cacique Crema Mexican Agria Sour Cream, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, garlic, cilantro, lime zest, and lime juice.

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