Enhance Laundry Room Efficiency With These Tips

Clean folded towels in laundry room

Clean folded towels in laundry room

If you have ever looked into re-designing your laundry room, you have probably noticed there is no shortage of advice on how to get the most out of this room. It is easy to get overwhelmed, followed by sadly deciding now may not be the time for this project. We are here to show you the three most important tips to getting the most efficient laundry room. In no time this will become your favorite room in your home!

Choose the Right Machine

Choosing the right machine for your laundry room is obviously the most important. Front-loading machines will be your best option. This design will make sure you are avoiding unnecessary bending. The lifting and bending can get tiring, especially if you are constantly doing laundry. Not to mention, if you have kids who enjoy doing their laundry from time to time, they will be able to do it easily, which means more help for you! On the other hand, pedestal storage is also a great idea, as you can keep so much in one space. You can never have too much storage, especially in a laundry room.

Use the Most of Your Space

Instead of just a laundry room, turn it into a multi-purpose room if space permits. If there is enough room, you can add a small desk and have a place to charge your small devices, while also getting some work done while laundry is in the process.

Plan For Small Things

Don’t be shy — put some extra storage wherever you can in your laundry room. The more the better! Although, one thing to keep in mind is the height of your cleaning products. Some may be taller, while others are shorter, so getting storage that will fit all of these items is important. The last thing you want to do is add storage that can’t fit all your items. Once you have proper storage, doing laundry will seem less like a chore and more like something you actually enjoy.

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