See Tobin Center’s ‘Deep In The Heart’

Florida Panther Stares Intensely at Camera Close Up

Florida Panther Stares Intensely at Camera Close Up

Get an inside look at the wildlife living in Texas by checking out the free screening of Deep In The South at the Tobin Center on April 13, 2023. You can also stay after for questions that will be answered by filmmaker Ben Masters, and learn how you can make a difference by talking to the area conservative groups that will also be present. This is a free event, and ticket reservation is required.

What Is Deep In The Heart?

Deep In The Heart is a film that celebrates what makes Texas unique by showcasing the diverse landscape and amazing wildlife behavior that is unlike any other place in the world. You will be immersed into the life of these wildlife specious as the film takes place from their points of view. Species such as the elusive mountain lion and mysterious blind catfish are captured by Masters and is narrated by Matthew McConaughey.

This depiction of the ever-changing relationship between the natural world and humankind shows the destruction, conservation, and recovery of wildlife and the habitat that is shared by both. You’ll venture from the peaks in West Texas to the Gulf of Mexico in this family-friendly journey that cannot be found anywhere else.

Who Is Ben Masters?

Ben Masters is a proud Texan who studied wildlife biology at Texan A&M University, and in 2015 Masters founded Fin and Fur Films. He is well known for his production of Unbranded and directing the feature length-documentary The River and The Wall. His skills don’t stop there because his is also a writer that specializes in wildlife and adventure stories. The Texas A&M University Press published two of his book and he has written for Western Horseman and National Geographic.

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Plan To See The Film Today

This film features state-of-the-art cinematography that’s focus is to conserve the remaining wild places, and for people to learn how the water and wildlife is connected. The stories of this wild habitats shows how Texas’ conservation is important on a continental scale. Masters ultimate goal is use his movies to influence the conservation of wildlife and their habitats, and he also enjoys documenting wildlife stories that haven’t been told before.

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