BBQ Recipes You Have To Try

pulled pork barbecue sandwiches shot in panorama format.

Here in Texas, our summers are hot, but our barbeque skills are hotter! With spring approaching and summer on its way, warm weather and backyard barbeques with your family will be here before you know it. Sure, you’ve probably gnawed down on some delicious ribs or devoured some flavorful brisket, but have you ever tried a unique barbeque recipe? We have four mouthwatering barbeque recipes that are going to rock your tastebuds.

Bobby’s Spice Rubbed Ribs With Maple-horseradish Baste

Time to spice things up! These spice rub ribs are juicy with tenderness and drenched with a maple-horseradish sauce to complete. The delicious sauce calls for maple syrup, horseradish, dijon mustard, ancho chili powder, and ground pepper. Head to the store to grab four racks of pork ribs, and maybe a fifth, because this meal is sure to be a crowd favorite.

Asian-Spiced Baby Back Ribs

Asian food and barbeque combined? Yes, please. Including a brown sugar topping and soy sauce, this meat is going to melt in your mouth with the perfect mix of sweet and savory. With only three hours of cooking and prep time, this recipe can be thrown together on a lazy Saturday for the perfect dinner.

North Carolina-style BBQ Pulled-Pork Sandwiches

Sure, you’re a Texas native, but you can’t say no to this North Caroline BBQ sandwich. Featuring a delicious vinegar BBQ sauce with sugar, vinegar, ketchup, honey, salt, red pepper, and black pepper, you’re going to be running back for a plate of seconds. This meat requires a slow cook to achieve the ultimate flavor, so make sure you plan a day or so ahead.

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Alton’s Smoked Salmon

Backyard barbeques don’t always call for pork. If you love a delicious piece of salmon, you are going to be obsessing over this recipe. While this recipe calls for a combined 29.5 hours of cooking and prepping time, it is sure worth the wait. With the perfect combination of smoke and sweet, this meal will win over your family.

Now that you have four new recipes to try, go wow your family with your skills!

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