Take Your Kids On A LEGOLand Adventure

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in San Antonio is a perfect place for a family to enjoy entertainment and education. There is something for everyone at the center, including interactive exhibits, rides, shows, and more. MINILAND San Antonio Folks who want to get a look at what a tiny San Antonio looks like made... [read more]

These 5 Car Washing Brushes Are Perfect

Soapy Car
When car, truck, and SUV owners are passionate about their vehicles, they take care of them, and only the best will do. The best parts, the best fuel, and the best fluids are all important. The same is true when it comes to washing their vehicle. They want soap and... [read more]

Perfect Backyard BBQ Side Dishes

Perfect Backyard BBQ Side Dishes
On long summer days, there is nothing like gathering your family and friends together for a delicious BBQ. Everybody has their favorite BBQ main courses, like ribs, brisket, steaks, and hamburgers. While there is nothing quite like the taste of smoked meat, some people may come for the BBQ, but... [read more]

Get Organized This Summer With A Tool Pegboard

A wooden peg baord with tools organized by size and usage
If you plan to tackle a lot of handyman projects this summer, getting your garage, tool shed, or workstation organized should be at the top of your to-do list. There are a lot of storage systems that you can use to store and organize your tools, and one of the... [read more]

Ways To Spend Memorial Day

12 Ideas On How To Spend Your Memorial Day With Family
Memorial Day can sneak up on you. You have been busy with work, your kids have had finals, and now you can finally breathe. There is a patriotic holiday just around the corner, however, and you are not sure how you want to celebrate this special day. Better Homes &... [read more]

Hyundai Tops The Charts

When people are shopping around to buy a new car, truck, or SUV, they take into account many different considerations. Primarily, drivers want to look at safety, performance, drivability, efficiency, style, and comfort ratings for the vehicles they are considering. Well, here are eight other factors to think about before... [read more]

Volunteer At Your Local Animal Shelter

At the San Antonio Human Society, their stated goal is to protect and improve the lives of dogs and cats by providing shelter, care, adoption, rescue, spay/neuter programs, and community education. For anyone who shares their passion for pets, there are plenty of ways to volunteer at the shelter. Volunteer Teams The... [read more]

How To Start Your Own Garden

close up of woman feeling relaxed gardening in her garden
Starting a garden can be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience. From planting your first seed to watching your plants grow to seeing the first flower blossom or eventually harvesting your own fruits and vegetables, the process is both satisfying and empowering. Not only do you get to enjoy the... [read more]

Attend The Barkitecture Festival

Brittany spaniel enjoying a cold popsicle on a hot day in a park. His tongue and taste buds are happy!
Are you looking for a fun event to do around San Antonio in the month of May? You and your family should visit the Barkitecture Festival. This festival literally goes to the dogs. Bring your friendly puppy and come checkout all the activities that the 6th annual Barkitecture has to... [read more]

Look No Further Than Hyundai For The Best Family Vehicle

Black 2023 Hyundai Palisades on a smoky gray background.
Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA) recently named the Family Vehicle of the Year for 2023. Guess which vehicle from Hyundai's phenomenal lineup took home the award - the 2023 Hyundai Palisade. There are a lot of features that make the Palisade a great fit for shoppers looking for a vehicle... [read more]