Relax With These Warm Wintertime Drinks

hot chocolate drink in clay mug
Staying in on these winter evenings? Get cozy and warm up after dinner with any of these hot and relaxing homemade drinks. Jasmine and Ginger Tea On its own, jasmine tea is already a relaxing hot drink, but adding a few aromatic ingredients will enhance the flavor and imbue your home with... [read more]

Don’t Miss Demetri Martin At The Empire Theatre

If you want some laughs on Friday, January 20, 2023, then don't miss Demetri Martin at the Empire Theatre here in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Demetri has won several awards, written a few books, and starred in a few standup specials - including his latest for Netflix called The Overthinker. The... [read more]

Indoor Hobbies For Winter Days

Painting as an indoor hobby
  Even down here in San Antonio, it can get cold enough in the winter to discourage people from heading outdoors. Just look at the recent 'bomb cyclone' winter weather event as evidence of that. So on those days when the wind is biting and you'd rather not go out, here... [read more]

Changing A Flat Tire Step By Step

man touching a flat tire on the roadside
You may be the most cautious driver on the road. Even the most careful driver, however, cannot prevent their car from getting a flat tire. With rough road conditions like potholes, sharp objects like nails, and other factors, a flat tire can happen in just a moment. While you cannot... [read more]

What To Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper

assorted wrapping paper rols
It happens all the time. You wrap up all your gifts for Christmas, a birthday, or another gift-giving occasion and at the end of the wrapping session you have a few scraps of leftover wrapping paper. With the push to become more environmentally friendly at the top of many peoples... [read more]

See The Botanical Garden Shine For Lightscape

Abstract bokeh background of light for celebration new year and Christmas
If you want to see something that will likely blow your mind, other than somehow actually capturing Santa in the act of delivering your presents on Christmas Eve, then go see the Botanical Garden shine for Lightscape. In it's second year in San Antonio, Lightscape is a one-mile trail featuring... [read more]

Warm Up With These Hot Soups

Fresh bowl of menudo with homemade tortillas
The December days have been pretty warm in San Antonio, but we’re still seeing temperatures dip at night as we approach the start of winter. When it’s time for dinner on those cooler nights, nothing warms the heart like a bowl of hot soup, so try these homemade soup recipes. Vegetable... [read more]

Common Driving Mistakes

Driving on the road at dusk
We drive every day, and like any routine, familiarity leaves room for mistakes. Even experienced drivers make this common driving errors, so remember to watch out for them while you’re behind the wheel. Ignoring Your Speed While it might be tempting to floor it one morning if you’re late for work, those... [read more]

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done at The Market Square

paper decorations in the air with trees above the Market Square
Christmas is just around the corner! If you haven’t gotten all your holiday shopping yet, there’s no need to worry, because the perfect one-stop shop is right here in town. Head to the Market Square for unique gifts for all your loved ones. Something for Everyone Throughout the various shops and stalls,... [read more]

Plan A Date At Ostra On The River Walk

overhead view of mussels in tomato sauce
Looking for ideas for your next date night? An evening stroll on the River Walk is always a decent start, and you can find fine seafood dinning along the water’s edge at Ostra. Visit at Sunset If you find yourself exploring the River Walk before dinner hours, you can still dip into... [read more]