Common Driving Mistakes

Driving on the road at dusk
We drive every day, and like any routine, familiarity leaves room for mistakes. Even experienced drivers make this common driving errors, so remember to watch out for them while you’re behind the wheel.

Ignoring Your Speed

While it might be tempting to floor it one morning if you’re late for work, those speed limits are there for a reason. Speeding’s never a good idea, as you can better maintain control of your vehicle at a reasonable speed fit for the road you’re on. It’s also crucial to watch your speed as you take curves or enter stormy or foggy weather where the visibility will be hindered. On the other hand, driving too slowly can congest traffic and prompt other drivers to start passing more than they otherwise should.

Driving Tired

If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you might notice that it’s hard to focus at work, or that you’re not as alert as you should be. Driving requires undivided attention, and it’s not worth the risk to drive if you’re fatigued. Of course, getting enough rest is easier said than done, but you can avoid some fatigue situations by embarking on trips during the day instead of trying to pull off late-night drives.

Suddenly Changing Lanes

There are several steps you should always take before getting over into the next lane. First, turn on your turn signal to let everyone else know what you plan to do – it’s an essential safety step and the other drivers might even give you the space you need. Next, check your blind spots and mirrors, adjust your speed appropriately, and move over smoothly and promptly.

Driving Distracted

A lot can happen very quickly when you’re driving at 70, 40, or even 30 miles per hour. That’s why you need to keep your drive free from distractions. Ignoring those text messages can go a long way in helping you keep your focus on the road ahead.

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