What To Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper

assorted wrapping paper rols

It happens all the time. You wrap up all your gifts for Christmas, a birthday, or another gift-giving occasion and at the end of the wrapping session you have a few scraps of leftover wrapping paper. With the push to become more environmentally friendly at the top of many peoples minds its not surprising that you’re searching for a way to utilize extra wrapping paper, and you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways for you to put your scrap pieces of wrapping paper to use, check out a few great ideas below.

Save it for Extra Decorations

Christmas, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day are all about over the top gifts, grand gestures, decorations and extravagant displays, so there’s always room for a little more dazzle in whatever you’re planning. If your extra wrapping paper is from any of these celebrations and you’re planning a party, you can use the scraps to craft decorations. For instance, during Christmas you can make these adorable mini Christmas trees. For birthdays and Valentine’s Day you can use your extra paper for festive tray liners.

Bonus: If you have more neutral wrapping paper you can use it as a stylish drawer liner as well.Ā  Follow this guide to make it happen.

Make a Bow

If you only have a little leftover paper, why not jazz up your gift a little more. Turn the scraps into a cute little bow on top of your gifts. Not sure how to do that. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be a bow-making guru in no time.

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Use it for Packing Material

When it’s time to take down all of you Christmas decorations and pack them away for next year, you might need something to keep your more fragile decorations safe from damage. You can use the wrap your decoration in layers of paper or shred the wrapping paper to form a bed of packing material for your decoration to rest on. If you use the shredder method you can get two uses out of your scraps by using it as party confetti later.

If you have a lot of left over wrapping paper and you’re gift a new Hyundai from Red McCombs Superior Hyundai to someone, you can make one of these large paper bunting to go on top.

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