Budget-Friendly Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into An Oasis

string lights outdoors over patio at night

As spring settles in and we all spend more time outside, you might be wondering how you can make your outdoor space more fun. Beautify your backyard with these DIY ideas.

Let Plants Grow

That green space at your home could become a garden space with a little work, and the payoff can last all season long. Planting a garden is a great constructive activity, and you can enhance your backyard with ferns, flowers, and whatever foliage grabs your attention. You could also use that earth to grow your own fruits and vegetables, from chiles to squash, tomatoes, and even citrus if you have space for a tree or two. If you have a garden fence, you can dress up the entrance by building an arbor, which would also provide a structure for vines to climb. A trellis would also offer ample rambling space while doubling as your own privacy fence.

Shed Some Light

You don’t have to head back inside when the sun sets, as long as you have the right lighting. Fortunately, a line or two of string bulbs can be easily draped over your outdoor area, and there are even solar-powered options to help you save power and ditch the cords. If you don’t have anything to hang the lights from, consider securing a post in a large planter pot. You could even decorate the base with some small flowers.

Look Down

You can add some interest and texture to your outdoor space simply be changing the ground underfoot. A patio space can take many forms, and one of the easiest ways to set the space apart doesn’t even involve pavers. Many homeowners have upgraded their lounging areas with pea gravel, adding a distinctive place for furniture, fire pits, and outdoor relaxation. You could further diversify the gravel space with a few tiles or pavers to establish some firm, level ground among the crunchy terrain. If you’re a particularly ambitious weekend warrior, you could even gather supplies to construct a small patio, but keep in mind that such a project would involve leveling ground and an abundance of elbow grease.

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