Celebrate The DoSeum’s Fifth Birthday

DoSeum Birthday

If you live in the San Antonio area and have children, then you probably know all about the San Antonio DoSeum. It’s a museum for kids that focuses on hands-on activities and play to help your little ones learn. Did you know that DoSeum has already been around for five years now? That’s right – this place has been bringing education for the area for half a decade. To celebrate that accomplishment, the DoSeum is holding its 5th Annual Birthday Bash. And the best part? You’re invited. Come out and be a part of the fun.

The Details

This birthday bash is going down on Wednesday, April 1. It’s going to start at 5:30 p.m., and you definitely won’t want to be late. You can expect to be there until about 11 p.m. Of course, it’s all going to take place at the DoSeum here in San Antonio. If you already know you want to go, you can get your tickets online now.

Indulge in an Incredible Dinner

The seated dinner is going to take place at 7:30 p.m., and you can bet it’s going to be fantastic. Sit down with your friends and colleagues will you dig into plates of delicious food. Before the dinner begins, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a reception where you can mix and mingle with the other guests.

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Reserve Your Table Today

If you want to come out to this event, you’ll have to reserve a table ahead of time. The smallest table you can fit sits 10 people and costs $3,500. However, there are other options that go up from there. You can always go as a group with your friends or invite your colleagues or employees along with you. It’s all up to you. If you need more information, visit the DoSeum’s website or give them a call today.

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