Dress Your Family For Christmas Card Photos

young family portrait

It’s that time of year – it’s time to spread Christmas cheer! It’s no secret the holidays are busy, as not only do you have to decorate, plan family gatherings, and buy gifts, but you also have to decide whether you plan to send Christmas card photos. If the answer is yes, the first step to sending holiday happy mail is taking festive family photos. Put the cheesy, tacky Christmas sweaters away, and try out Minted’s trendy tips, fit for the entire family.

Neutrals are Your Friend

While it is smart to go ahead and pick out the card before you take photos, that way you know what colors you are working with, if you are like most busy parents and haven’t made it that far, go with a neutral palette. If your little girl is wearing her favorite purple dress, but your little guy insists on wearing his comfiest, blue shirt, this will distract your loved ones from the most important part of your photo: your beautiful family. Have everyone dress in gray, beige, denim, black, and white, and use color accents in your lipstick, shoes, or jewelry.

You Never Go Wrong with B&W

Whether you are taking your photo on your smart phone, or a professional photographer is taking the reigns, be sure to consider a black and white photo. Not only is this edit classic, but it looks beautiful on a widespan of card colors. To accomplish this look, you will want to make sure to still pay attention to the brightness of the colors you are wearing. For example, too much light colored clothing will make everyone washed out with a black and white edit. Consider a tonal palette, and your photos will look rockin’ with a black and white finish.

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Personalized Accessories

What’s a polished photo without a few accessories? Bring a plaid blanket for everyone to sit on, specialty hats, or funky hair ties or bows. These special, simple elements will make your photos both unique and memorable.

Don’t forget to say “cheese” this holiday season!

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