Plan Your Visit To The Cibolo Nature Center And Farm

Senior couple bird watching on a hike

If you are looking to get outdoors and learn something new, the Cibolo Nature Center and Farm is the perfect place to visit. The nature center has been a service to the community for over 30 years now. The park focuses on education, research, entertainment, and outdoor activities. Let’s see what all Cibolo has to offer!


Before you visit, you’ll want to make sure you are packed for the adventures ahead. You will need natural bug spray, water, sunscreen, and towels for the creek and trails you will be visiting. There are four trails to roam when exploring the Cibolo Nature Center and Farm. The 3 miles of trails cover beautiful natural landscapes. The Marshland Trail is home to the redwing blackbird, kingfisher, cattle egret, ducks, and many more animals. The Woodlands Trail overlooks the Cibolo Creek and is home to deer, rabbits, birds, and other wildlife. The Cibolo Creek Trail is a critical habitat for animals, so you will see many critters throughout the day in the hollow trees and water! The Native Texas Prairie Trail is one of the region’s most endangered ecosystems. Each trail offers amazing views of the nature around you.

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When visiting  Cibolo Nature Center and Farm, you will be able to learn about four ecosystems as well as explore trails and swim in the creek. The Tallgrass Prairie, Riparian Forest, Live Oak Savannah, and Spring-Fed Marsh are all ecosystems you can see at the park.

  • Tallgrass Prairie: A rare sight to see, the endangered ecosystem is home to many grass species that are important to this land.
  • Riparian Forest: Riparian, also known as the flood zone, borders creeks and streams. The forest is extremely important to wildlife. Birds, turtles, and snakes can be found throughout.
  • Live Oak Savannah: Deer, rabbits, armadillo, and birds can be found here. The beautiful large shady trees and meadows provide a great source for animals to graze.
  • Spring-Fed Marsh: The marsh is filled with switchgrass, trees, and many aquatic plants. Herons, damselflies, and turtles spend their days here.

Each ecosystem plays an important role in our world. You will want to make sure to bring your camera you that you don’t miss a thing when you visit Cibolo Nature Center and Farm!

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