The Doseum – Enjoy A Family Day Out


Have the kids been a little cranky lately? They need a fun day out, and The DoSeum can deliver. This children’s museum is one of the most popular destinations in San Antonio for families, and your brood will have a blast. Kids under the age of 1 get in for free, and it’s $14 for everyone else.

Get the scoop on some of the hottest exhibits.

How People Make Things

The How People Make Things exhibit will be at the museum through May 12, and your kids will absolutely love it. This exhibit was inspired by Mister Rogers’ Factory Tours. Remember how Mister Rogers taught you how products are manufactured. Your kids will learn the same thing at this exhibit. They’ll be in awe when they discover how the items they use every day are made. They’ll never take those objects for granted again.

Spy Academy

You are in for a laugh when you take your kids to the Spy Academy exhibit. Try to keep a straight face when they put on fake mustaches and trench coats. They’ll embark on some covert missions, but it’s not just about play. They’ll need to rely on their math skills if they are going to break codes to solve the mystery. Logic and reasoning also come into play at this cool exhibit.

Little Town

Remember how you used to play house as a kid? Well, times have changed. Now, kids have expanded beyond the house and play make believe in entire communities. That’s especially true when they visit the Little Town exhibit. Kids can man the food truck, shop in the supermarket, visit the vet, and more at this exhibit. Just stand back and watch those little imaginations get to work.

Innovation Station

Have you ever wondered what your kids could create if they had the tools and space? See for yourself by taking them to Innovation Station. They can think something up and then build it. And failure is not a problem at the Innovation Station. If kids fail at their creations, they are encouraged to evaluate their process and come up with a new way to get the job done. Your kids can really shine at this exhibit.

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Sensations Studio

Lights and sounds come to life in the Sensations Studio. On the surface, this exhibit just looks like fun. Kids can head to the DJ station to spin some tunes, play with lasers, and more. However, when you dig deeper, you’ll realize kids actually learn about sound and light and the science behind those concepts.

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