DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Furry Friends

Domestic dog on porch dressed in vampire costume for Halloween

You love your dog, right? And you probably want to take them everywhere with you. However, some events are dog-free. Want to know one place where your pup is welcome, though? It is walking around the neighborhood on Halloween. That’s why you should include your dog in your holiday festivities. Whether you’re going out to find some candy or you’re staying inside and want to take some cute pictures, you should get your pup the cutest Halloween costume ever. Here are some adorable DIY ideas that you may want to try!


One costume that’s simple is a lion costume. That’s because all you need is something to wear around your pet’s neck that will look like a mane. You can easily make a mane just by using yarn. It may take some time to assemble, but you won’t believe how cute your pup looks once you do. This works exceptionally well on dogs that are tan or brown – you know, the color of a lion in the wild.

Unicorn Horn

Let’s be honest: Some animals just aren’t going to want to dress up, and that’s OK. If your pup is hesitant to put on a costume, here’s an idea that shouldn’t bother them too much: a unicorn horn. That’s right; you can turn your cute little furry friend into a majestic unicorn. How cute is that? You already know they’re unique, and this goes to prove it.

Angel or Devil

Is your furry friend an angel or a devil? If you’re like a lot of pet parents, you probably think they’re both. Well, you can choose whichever one sounds more accurate by dressing them up as either a devil or an angel on Halloween. You’ll either need a halo or horns. If you want to take the costume to the next level, you could add little wings for the angel or a tiny pitchfork for the devil costume. Either way, Fido is going to be as cute as can be in this outfit.

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Mummy Dog

If you’re looking for an easy costume for your kids, a mummy is a way to go. Did you know you can do the same thing for your pup? Basically, you wrap your pup in strips of white fabric, and it’ll be good to go. This is a good idea if you have a short-haired dog, and it might be cold on Halloween.

Try out these adorable DIY dog costumes this year!

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