How To Tell When You Need New Tires

Four rows of new tires

One of the worst things that can happen is driving down the road and realizing that you have a flat tire. The first sign is the jittering, catawampus ride experience and the last is hearing the sound of the rubber slapping the pavement in a grim announcement of your misfortune. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent repeating that experience.  Read on to learn more about how to tell it’s time for new tires.

The Penny Test

If you’re wondering whether or not you need to start searching for a tire shop, a quick way to find out is to administer the penny test. the penny test is a way to determine if the tread on your tires is worn out. To complete the penny test, set a penny in the tread of your tires. Lincoln’s head should be facing down and if you can see the top of his head, you need new tires.

Exposed Cords

An easy sign to recognize is the exposed metal of polyester cords. The cords support the shape of your tires. However, if you can see them, it means that the tread on your tires is completely gone. Your tires won’t be able to get any traction, so it isn’t safe to drive your vehicle. You should get new tires immediately.

Shaky Drive Experience

Another sign that you should be pricing out a new set of tires is a rough or vibrating driving experience. That might be a sign that the metal belt inside your tires has slipped. This is a problem that can only be repaired by replacing the tires.  However, a shaky driving experience is an indicator of a few different issues, so it’s best to take your vehicle to a trained professional for diagnosis.

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Red McCombs Superior Hyundai

If you think you might need new tires, visit the Red McCombs Superior Hyundai service center. Our professional team of technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and give you a diagnosis. Then we will provide you with the proper repairs. If you need new tires, the staff in our tire shop will help you find the right size. Then our technicians will mount your tires, plus balance and align them for you.

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