Celebrate Labor Day With These Activities

BBQ hamburger table scene. Top view over a dark wood background.

A three-day weekend is a rare chance to spend more time than usual with your loved ones, but filling the extra time can be a challenge! These Labor Day Weekend activities will help you balance fun and relaxation all weekend.

Head to the Park

San Antonio has many parks that offer free outdoor recreational space for kids to run around to their hearts’ content. Whether you have little ones that would have a blast on the jungle gyms and play equipment or need space to set up a family game of kickball, San Antonio’s parks have you covered.

Camp in the Backyard

With extra time off of school and work, Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to spend a night or two under the stars. The best part about camping in your own yard is that you can make the experience as rugged or as comfortable as you wish. You can go all out and only cook around a campfire and sit in lawn chairs, or you can enjoy your regular patio furniture, fully-stocked kitchen, and a nice hot shower in your own space.

Cook Up a Storm

The long weekend is the perfect time to preheat the oven, fire up the grill, and whip up a few recipes that the hustle and bustle of regular life haven’t allowed for. Maybe you’ll practice making your own bread, or maybe this is the year that you perfect your hamburger technique. Either way, it’s the perfect weekend to enjoy lots of good food with your nearest and dearest.

Cool Down with DIY Water Activities

Every Texan knows that the heat doesn’t die down once Labor Day rolls around. In fact, sometimes, it almost seems to get even hotter in September! Spend Labor Day Weekend cooling off while still enjoying time outside with a few DIY water activities! You can make elaborate sprinkler systems, have water balloon fights, and set up the best slip and slide ever to keep everyone cool and entertained.


Life is busy enough as it is and Labor Day Weekend can be just the break you and your family need before things pick up again in the fall. Chill out at home, watch a few favorite movies, and let everyone sleep in a little! You’ll start Tuesday (and that glorious four-day week!) feeling refreshed and rested.

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