Mala Luna Music Festival 2019

Mala Luna Music Festival

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that music festival season has to come to an end, especially when the Mala Luna Music Festival 2019 is in sight. This is sure to be an exciting weekend full of fun, and you don’t want to miss a single second of it. Don’t have your trip to the festival planned yet? No problem. Just get the scoop on what’s going down, and you can make plans to attend as soon as possible. Get ready to dance the night away.

The Details

You need to know the details about this festival before you can plan to attend. It’s going to be going on from Saturday, Oct. 26, to Sunday, Oct. 27, and it’s all going down at the Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium parking lot. That’s right here in San Antonio, Texas, so you shouldn’t have to go far.

Get Your Tickets Today

This is going to be a popular music festival, so it’s crucial that you purchase your tickets as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want to miss out of the fun. Most people will want to go for a two-day general admission pass, which is going to cost you $109. Of course, you may want to kick things up a notch and have an even better experience. If that’s the case, you should consider one of the VIP packages. The Blackmoon VIP package costs $189, and the Harvest Moon VIP package is going for $199. If you truly want to best experience possible at this festival, then you will go for the Fly Me to the Moon VIP package. This one is going for $399.99, but when you see what you get, you’ll probably find that it’s worth it.

However, you may not want to or be able to go to both days of the festival, and that’s totally fine; you don’t have to buy your tickets for both days. If you’re just looking for a single-day pass, you’ll pay $79.

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The Lineup

This lineup is pretty amazing, which is a big reason so many people want to come to this festival. Russ, Miguel, and Diplo are perhaps the most prominent names that are going to be there, but there are so many other marvelous artists to check out as well. Be sure to go online to get the full lineup, and then you can make plans for who you want to see.

This festival is sure to be one of the best of the season, so buy your tickets today.

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