See Exotic Animals At The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Zebra looking at camera

Zebra looking at camera

You don’t have to travel far to see one of the best safari parks in the United States. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is down the road in New Braunfels and is considered one of the top parks in the country. It made USA Today’s list of Best Safari Parks, and it’s easy to see why. The park sits on 450 lush acres filled with over 500 animals. These animals represent 40 species from around the world. Get the details and plan your trip to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Driving through the Ranch

You don’t have to get out of your vehicle to see the animals at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. You’ll take off down a 4.5-mile road, where you’ll encounter deer, zebras, ostriches, and more. Many animals love it when people stop by, so they’ll walk right up to your car. They don’t just want a snuggle, though. All visitors receive a food bag when they arrive, so the animals expect a little snack. They’ll eat the food right out of your hand, which is a thrilling experience.

You can repeat the path when you’re done if you wish. The park’s owners let you repeat the path as much as you want when you pay the price of admission. Taking another drive is well worth it since you will likely encounter animals hiding the first time around. They are free to roam, so each drive is like a new experience.

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Walk Through the Park

The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch also offers a Walk-A-Bout. Park your car and head right over to the giraffe barn. You can also see kangaroos and lemurs during your Walk-A-Bout. This is a hands-on experience, and the animals love to be petted. If you have kids, this is an excellent way to introduce them to animals.

When you’re stretching your legs, you can also stop by the different buildings. There is a gift shop on-site where you can find something to remember the fun day. You can also stop by the grill for a meal or get some dessert at the Safari Sweet Spot. Remember, you’re in no rush here. You can hang out until the park closes, so make a day of it.

The Natural Bridge Safari Park charges adults $26.99 to enter. Children get in for $18.99, and seniors for $24.99. The park offers discounts for AAA members, first responders, and military personnel. You can also find a coupon in the San Antonio Visitor Alliance Coupon Book. Whether you pay the total price or get a discount, you will love every minute here. Start planning your trip and get ready for a thrilling safari experience.

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