Nothing Beats An Old-Fashioned Banana Split On A Hot Summer Day

Eating banana split by the river

An old-fashioned banana split is a solution for blazing hot days and sweltering nights. It might surprise you to find out that the banana split is a few years shy of 100 years old. In fact, let’s thank Walgreens for helping to popularize this delicious dessert. When summer has you parked in front of your freezer communing with the ice cubes, grab your favorite ingredients and whip up this treat.

Building Your Banana Split

The old-fashioned banana split is no dainty dessert. You’d better bring your appetite for this cool treat. For a traditional take, start with three scoops of ice cream — one each of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry on top of a banana split in half lengthwise. On the strawberry scoop, top with strawberry sauce, of course. You’ll top your scoop of vanilla with crushed pineapple. On your chocolate scoop, drizzle chocolate sauce — top all of that with whipped cream, crushed peanuts, and maraschino cherries.

Banana Split Bonanza

If you love the banana split, you’re not alone. There’s a national Banana Split Day on Aug. 25. Most historians agree that apprentice-pharmacist David Evans Strickler invented the banana split and also invented the traditional elongated banana boat dish to serve it in. Strickler was a pharmacist in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and he later purchased the store he worked in. It is still open today, and the city of Latrobe celebrates its delicious contribution to the world each year with the Great American Banana Split Festival.

Classic or Non-traditional?

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to the banana split? Some people feel like the original recipe is correct. Others love to experiment. You can find dozens of banana split variations and banana split-inspired desserts. If you make this dessert at home to beat the heat, try picking up your favorite fun toppings. Try scoops of flavors like coffee or pistachio. Also, top with slivered almonds, chocolate chips, or butterscotch sauce. Chop up the banana and throw it on top of the scoops. The possibilities are endless.

Find Your Favorite Shop

San Antonians know how to keep cool, so there are tons of great ice cream shops. From Amy’s Ice Creams on Basse Road to Lulu’s Ice Cream Shop on Blanco, you’ll find something close to you. Many shops will also deliver sweet treats to you via a food delivery service if you’re local. And if you’re craving flavors from your favorite shop, many offer online ordering and long-distance delivery. You can ship ice cream to wherever you are.

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Do the Banana Split

Hot days make old-fashioned treats like the banana split so much more enjoyable. Get together with family and friends at your favorite ice cream shop. Or, plan a banana split party and gather all the ingredients. Then everyone can concoct their own personal banana split recipe at your next summer get-together. What is your favorite way to indulge in this dessert?

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