Prepare For Friendsgiving With These Recipes

delicious brie with pecans and honey

There are many people who can’t be with their families through the holiday season, for whatever reason. So why not host a Friendsgiving instead? Bringing together people that you care about for a meal is one of the best ways that you can show that you love someone. It’s also a lovely way of building community with others, and telling your ‘found family’ that you value them. Southern Living put together a great list of dishes that make Friendsgiving special, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Sides, Sides, Everywhere Sides

While the host traditionally supplies (and cooks!) the turkey, Friendsgiving often works like a high-end potluck, with each guest bringing at least one side dish. One of our favorites is this baked Brie with pecans. By turns savory and sweet, this is a perfect shareable way to start the meal (or serve it as an appetizer in case the turkey needs a little more time in the oven. The only degree of difficulty here is that in order to prepare it, you’ll need to make sure there’s room in the oven. But if you can make room, you’ll absolutely love it.

Another standout: A savory sweet potato casserole. Every Thanksgiving table needs sweet potatoes, and the usual casserole is topped with marshmallow. But here’s a fun variant that features a parmesan-herb topping instead. One of the best parts about making a dish like this is that you can cook it ahead of time and freeze it until your get-together. And hey, as long as we’re talking about dishes to make and share with several different people, it’s always a great idea to ask beforehand if anyone has any food allergies so that you can make adjustments to the recipes if you need to.

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Just Add Bacon

Our last side dish — a meal of its own, really — is this elevated mac and cheese. Baked and topped with breadcrumbs and bacon, this take on a side-dish classic will be one of your favorites from here on out. This is also another one of those dishes that you can prepare ahead of time and then thaw on the day of your big gathering.

Enjoy your time celebrating friends and family this holiday season!

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