Learn How To Rock Climb At Armadillo Boulders

Low angle of extreme free climbing man hanging on rock

The San Antonio area is full of outdoor rock climbing opportunities. You need to work on your skills before you tackle rocks in nature. Fortunately, Armadillo Boulders has you covered. You can attend this rock climbing studio to learn how to climb. After you progress, you’ll be ready to tackle an outdoor adventure if you wish. Learn more about Armadillo Boulders, and then get ready to climb.

Start With an Intro to Climbing Class

If you’ve never gone rock climbing before, Armadillo Boulders’ Intro to Climbing course is perfect for you. The studio holds the class every Saturday at 3 p.m. It covers all the basics, including the gear you need to wear and the techniques needed to climb. After you learn on the ground, you’ll climb a rock wall. This studio has rock walls of varying difficulty. You’ll start on a beginner wall so you can try your new techniques with ease.

As you progress, you can take other classes at this studio. The Intro to Dynamic Climbing Class will help you add dynamic moves to your climbing skillset. The studio also offers Essentials to Route Reading, so you can learn how to find the ideal routes each time you climb. This class is essential if you’re going to climb in the wild. Without proper route reading, you will have trouble reaching the top.

Take a Training Program

If you are serious about rock climbing, enroll in a training program at Armadillo Boulders. The team customizes the 12-week training programs for each climber. The program starts with an assessment. The instructor will determine if you are a good fit for the program and identify the weaknesses you need to address. You will also talk about your climbing goals so your instructor can help you reach them. If you’re a good fit, you will enter the program with other climbers. Even though others are in the program, this is still a personalized activity and will include at least three customized training days. You also might get some one-on-one training with the coach.

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Climber Meetups

This rock climbing center also hosts Climber Meet Ups. Climbers and staff members participate in the meetups. You can make friends and work on your technique during the meetups. By climbing with others, you’ll be motivated to reach your goals.

If you want to learn rock climbing or practice your existing skills, Armadillo Boulders is the perfect spot. You can pay a day rate or get a membership for the facility. Then you can climb closer and closer to your goals. It won’t be long before you’re ready to head outside and tackle some huge boulders in nature.

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