Take the Little Ones to ‘Sesame Street Live’

Sesame Street

You’ve been counting the days until Christmas for months now, and it’s almost here. Now, you need to start thinking about how you’ll entertain the kids after the big day is over. You won’t have any trouble keeping smiles on your kiddos’ faces if you take them to “Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!” The show is coming to the Lila Cockrell Theatre in San Antonio on Dec. 28 and 29, at 3 p.m. Tickets range from $15 to $60, and that ticket will give you access to tons of fun.

Do you want to add to the fun? Grab tickets to the pre-show performance. The performance is at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. both days, and tickets are $15.

Get the details on this party, Sesame Street style.

The Pre-Show

The pre-show is a must for anyone who loves Sesame Street. You’ll take a stroll down the iconic street alongside the performers, share a chat with Elmo, and see the puppets in person. There’s a line to walk down the road, but don’t worry. You’ll get to decorate for the party while you wait. If your art makes the cut, you’ll see it on stage while watching the show. That’s so much better than getting a gold star from an art teacher.

The Show

Your kids will be hyped up and ready for the show, and they won’t be disappointed. The entire show lasts around 1.5 hours, and it’s filled to the brim with fun and excitement. Don’t worry about your kids sitting still the whole time, though. There’s a 15-minute intermission so little theatergoers can stretch their legs, grab a snack, or head to the restroom.

The story is pretty simple. The community center wants to have a party, and the two owners cannot decide on the theme. One wants a superhero party, and the other prefers a beach theme. They turn to the residents for suggestions, and that’s when things get wild.

The residents use music and dancing to push their ideas forward. Your kids will be on their feet during these high-energy performances, especially when Oscar the Grouch moves to the center of the stage to sing, “I Love Trash.” Other highlights include Super Grover soaring through the sky and Cookie Monster busting a move to the music while munching on cookies.

On the surface, the show just looks like a fun, entertaining romp across the stage, but it’s more than that. In true Sesame Street style, it has some lessons in store, too. Your kids will learn a few things while laughing and singing along with their favorite characters.

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