Sign Your Kid Up For A “Magikal” Summer

Two funny children acting as monsters on stage

The Magik Theatre has been in the Downtown area of San Antonio since 1994 providing the city with live entertainment. They also provide classes and camps that teach San Antonio’s youth about the dramatic arts. So, if you’re looking for a fun and enriching summer camp, check out the programs at The Magik Theatre.

How The Magik Theatre Started

Richard Rosen, the founder of The Magik Theatre said, “There’s never going to be a theater audience unless you educate young people. That’s how the Magik was born, “With that premise in mind, he gathered six actors and formed The Magik Theatre in 1994. Their first production was The Jungle Book.  The very next year they were able to hire a full-time staff of professional actors and by 1997 the Magik theatre had won several global awards. They were able to begin summer camps for young actors, secure a grant from The San Antonio Area Foundation, and move into Beethoven Hall as well. Since 1997, the theatre has been educating San Antonio’s youth.

The Magik Theatre Summer Camp for Ages 6 – 9

This beginner’s acting camo teaches young people about public speaking, self-expression, and diversity. When your child participates, they’ll come home with stories about the games they played to improve their pacing and storytelling abilities, overcome shyness, and create short plays of their own. The Magik Theatre hosts a camp for the six to nine-year-old age range in June and July. Each day, camp has different themes for you and your child to choose from and starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

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The Magik Theatre Summer Camp for Ages 10-13

In the camp for older students, The Magik Theatre fosters originality and creativity by giving students the freedom to create plays and characters. Students learn the importance of putting their interpretation on a character’s backstory, giving the character quirks and characteristics that truly bring them to life on the stage. They’ll also develop their storytelling abilities further. How? They create plays from their favorite books, make fanfiction films, and puppet shows in the park. Just like with the younger age group, students can choose between several themed day camps geared toward different interests. For instance, if your young thespian has a knack for comedy, the improv comedy camp in July may be a great option for them.

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