Take Time To Stretch With These Poses


After a long day of work, taking care of your kids, and everything else you do daily, you’re probably pretty tired. But worse than that, your muscles might feel a bit sore or tight as well. As you get older, it’s more and more likely that you’ll start to experience back and joint pain and other issues with your muscles. Don’t you wish there were a way you could make yourself feel better? Well, yoga can go a long way. Yoga poses require you to stretch and move your body, which can feel absolutely fantastic when you’re feeling stiff and sore. If you want to get some ideas for how you can make yourself feel better when you need to stretch, check out these simple yoga poses you can do at home.

Downward-Facing Dog

Even if you’ve never done yoga a day in your life, you probably already know what downward-facing dog is. You can start on your hands and knees. Then you’re going to push your knees back and your bum up so you are making an upside-down V with your body. Try to lengthen the spine when you’re in position, and don’t be afraid to walk your feet out, so you have a little bit of extra movement. You’ll be astonished at how good this feels.

Extended Puppy Pose

Another great stretch that you have to try out is the extended puppy pose. This one is similar to the downward-facing dog but with some modifications. First, come onto your hands and knees. Then start to walk your hands out, stretching your arms out in front of you. Walk your knees back a bit and stretch your back, so it feels like you’re arching it. This really opens up your chest and creates a lot of support for your back, which can feel out-of-this-world marvelous.

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Happy Baby Pose

Many people have really tight hips. It’s an area that’s easy to neglect when you’re working out, and you probably don’t stretch your hips daily anyway. However, you can hold a lot of stress and tension in this part of your body, so it’s a good idea to stretch it out whenever you can. To do the happy baby pose, you’re going to lie on your back and put your feet straight up in the air. Then grab the outside of each of your feet and pull down. Feel free to rock back and forth a bit if that feels even better.

Try these stretches today.

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