Summertime Car Care Tips

Driver adjusting air vent in car

Summertime is here, which means the days are longer and hotter, so don’t let your vehicle struggle in the sun this year. Take a look at some of the ways you can make sure your vehicle stays in its best shape all season long!

Keep Clean

A long winter can do damage to your vehicle without you knowing. That’s why it is important to make sure you look inside and out for any rust that may be on your vehicle. Even if you don’t see any rust, still check the wiper blades, seals, and any other parts of the vehicle that may be affected by the winter weather. Also, don’t forget that a wax coat every three months is great for your vehicle’s paint as well.

Check Your Tires

With the weather change, you may see your tire pressure going up and down. You can adjust your pressure according to the sticker inside the driver’s door. With just one look and one air fill up, you may lower the risk of having a blowout.

Look Under the Hood

As higher temperatures approach, you should be spending more time under the hood of your vehicle. Look for any cracks in your hoses, leaks, and even check your battery to see how it’s running. The summer heat can play a big role in how your vehicle operates. Checking fluids and maintaining them on a regular basis will ensure your vehicle will run smoothly all summer long.

Check Your Suspension

Winter brings potholes, and sadly, you may have a few encounters with them this summer. Your suspension may not like this very much, which is why it is important to make sure your steering wheel and suspension aren’t misaligned, as enduring this damage is no way to spend your summer. Of course, if anything were to be wrong, the automotive experts at Red McCombs Superior Hyundai have you covered.

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Try to Stay Cool

The most important car care tip of all is staying cool! Keep your air conditioning at a steady pace, instead of high for short amounts of time. Keeping your airflow at a steady rate will actually assist in keeping your vehicle in shape. Of course, keeping yourself hydrated is also important, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water if you plan on being in your vehicle for a long period of time!

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