Sweet Treats For Your Pup To Keep Them Cool

cool dog treats

You may notice your dog eyeing your ice cream cone after a long hot summer day. And, while desserts made for humans may not always be safe for pups, there actually are some benefits to giving them frozen treats to help them cool off. We found some great options for ice cold treats you can safely share with your furry friends.

Ice Cube Surprise

The simplest way to make dog-friendly treats is with an ice cube tray. Just fill the sections with any dog-safe liquid like chicken or beef broth – whatever your dog prefers. For an extra little surprise, try filling the tray only halfway and then adding something special like a small piece of bacon. Fill the tray up the rest of the way. Freeze. And your dog will have a fun surprise when he gets to the center.

Dog Toy Delight

Instead of ice cube trays, try filling one of your dog’s hollow rubber toys with liquid. Plug all the holes except one, add liquid, and then freeze. It’ll help your dog stay cool and help keep him occupied as he tries to get every last drop. You can also find special silicone molds in fun shapes like dog bones.

Faux Frozen Yogurt

For an alternative to ice cream, that’s still similar in consistency, try making frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and unsweetened yogurt. Cut up the fruit, removing any seeds, and freeze it. Once frozen, add it to a blender along with 1/4 cup of unsweetened yogurt for every 2 cups of fruit. Blend until smooth, and serve in a bowl. The yogurt is generally more tolerable for dogs’ stomachs than milk or cream. Most fruits are safe for them to consume, but you should stay away from grapes, avocado, and cherries, which can be harmful.

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Peanut Butter Perfection

Peanut butter is also safe for dogs. Just make sure to use unsalted, no-sugar added varieties. You’ll also want to make sure they don’t contain Xylitol, which is extremely toxic to dogs. Mix a small amount with yogurt or bananas and freeze it into cubes. Try warming it first if it’s too thick for the blender.

These treats are great for helping your dog stay cool this summer. They’re also a way to include him in the fun when the rest of the family is enjoying delicious human treats. Just make sure you serve them in moderation and take the extra calories into account with his regular diet. “Bone” appetit!

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