The Ultimate Gift Guide For Father’s Day

dad and daughter on father's day

With Father’s Day around the corner, you might be wondering what to get dad. After all, you want to get him a gift as cool, fun, or quirky as he is. If you’d like to look beyond the usual Father’s Day tie or socks, you’re lucky. There’s still time to do some shopping, so check out our ultimate gift guide for Father’s Day if you’re looking for something unique.

1.      For the Foodie: Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

You can choose several different cuts for dad to try out. These premium steaks are the kind of rare treat that makes a meal truly memorable.

2.      For the Audiophile: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Get Together Portable Bluetooth Speaker from House of Marley puts out fantastic sound and looks good. In addition, House of Marley manufactures many of the components sustainably.

3.      For the Fashionista: Luxury Watch Subscription

A gift card to WatchGang can start dad off on a fashionable watch collection. In addition, he could even win a true gem like a Tag Heuer or Rolex.

4.      For the Techie: Portable Charger and Sanitizer

Dad can charge his phone anywhere with the Oblio Wireless Charging Station and Sanitizer from Lexon. Since phones carry a surprising number of germs, a sanitizer is a helpful addition. Finally, this charger has a sleek look so that it won’t look like more clutter.

5.      For the Chef: Outdoor Pizza Oven

There are pizza ovens, and then there’s this aesthetic piece by Ooni. But not only does this pizza oven look fantastic, but it’ll also bake his pies in a blazing fast moment. Furthermore, the size and durability make it portable so that he can create pizzas anywhere.

6.      For the Gadget Guy: A Drone

Holy Stone’s HS110D FPV RC Drone will roll, flip, and soar high. Additionally, dad can get a bird’s eye view with a 1080p camera. Try taking dad to an open field so he can test this surprisingly affordable drone out.

7.      For the Athlete: Indoor Putting Green

Dad can work on his putts anytime with the Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green from SKLZ. Also, he’ll love the ball return function that’ll save his back. Try pairing this putting green with a pack of his favorite golf balls.

8.      For the Coffee Lover: Hot Sauce for Coffee

Some dads love adventurous flavors, and a bottle of Hot Sauce for Coffee by Ujjo is certainly something different. Crafted specifically for coffee, you can grab Ujjo’s hot sauce for light roast or dark roast coffee.

9.      For the Pampered: A Heated Razor

Elevate dad’s shaving experience with the Bugatti Limited Edition Gillette Heated Razor. What makes this gadget even better is the magnetic docking station and wireless charging, so he’ll feel pampered.

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10. For the Classic: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

There’s a reason Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers have stood the test of time. Your dad is cool, so consider getting him some sunglasses that fit his timeless aesthetic.

Your dad is unique and an inspiration. You can show him how much you value him with a cool gift for this Father’s Day. He’ll love how much thought and care you put into selecting it for him.

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