Ways To Spend Memorial Day

12 Ideas On How To Spend Your Memorial Day With Family

12 Ideas On How To Spend Your Memorial Day With Family

Memorial Day can sneak up on you. You have been busy with work, your kids have had finals, and now you can finally breathe. There is a patriotic holiday just around the corner, however, and you are not sure how you want to celebrate this special day. Better Homes & Gardens offers some clever ways to spend Memorial Day. In fact, here are 12 ideas for how you can spend time with your family this Memorial Day.

Have Dinner Outside

The number one go-to for Memorial Day is to enjoy dinner outside. Why not? It is typically a beautiful day that helps kickstart the summer season. You can have a tasty barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sides that complement these main dishes.

Play Yard Games

After dinner, the kids and your guests will want to be entertained. Engage them in some fun yard games. You can play cornhole or horseshoes.

Have a Picnic

You certainly can host Memorial Day at your home, but why does the location of your Memorial Day celebration have to be at your house. Instead, gather all the food and games and head to a park. At the park, your family can enjoy a picnic.

Host a Family Pizza Party

You probably have had your fill of barbecue over the course of Memorial Days that you have celebrate. It may be tradition, but you would like to enjoy something new. There are plenty of options. Why not try having a pizza party. You can came homemade pizzas where each family members get to create their own individual pizza.

Watch a Movie Outside

As the sun sets, you and your family could enjoy a movie outside. Grab some camping chairs or a picnic blanket and watch a movie outdoors this Memorial Day. To make the movie extra meaningful, you could select an appropriate themed film for the evening.

Make S’Mores

Of course, you want to end things on a sweet note. There pies and banana pudding that is perfect for Memorial Day, you can make dessert more interactive by making s’mores altogether. Grab the graham crackers, marshmallows, and a variety of chocolate and chocolate bars. You and your family are in for a sweet treat.

Pay Respects

Memorial Day is all about remembering, so do not forget to show your respect this day. You can show respect to the fallen American soldiers by visiting a veteran cemetery. Another way you can honor the fallen is to attend a Memorial Day parade.

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Go to the Beach

If you and your family have the whole weekend off, then make the most of that weekend. Do not just celebrate on that Monday. Take a mini vacation that weekend to the beach. If you need a reliable ride for your Memorial Day Weekend beach trip, then be sure to visit Red McCombs Superior Hyundai.

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