7 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean With Kids

Kids cleaning car interior

Keeping your car clean when your kids are regular passengers can be a tough task, but these tips break down everything you need to know to keep your car clean and organized!

1. Cover the Seats

If you have very young kids who are prone to tossing their snacks all around the seats, consider lining them with a sheet to help keep stray Cheerios out of the cracks and crevices. You can also get protective mats to put under the kids’ car seats to protect your upholstery from prolonged wear and tear.

2. In-Car Trash Can

One of the biggest sources of mess in a car is the trash that accumulates, especially if you have kids. Try keeping a small bathroom-size lidded trashcan in the back seat so that all of the granola bar wrappers and napkins have a place – other than the floor – to go.

3. Odor Control

Wiping up spills as they happen will go a long way towards odor control, but you can also keep a jar of baking soda in a cupholder or two to neutralize the normal smells that frequently-driven cars have.

4. Wipe Surfaces

Kids’ hands are notoriously messy and sticky, and that mess often transfers from their hands to the surfaces in the car. Once a week or so, take gentle cleaning wipes and wipe down all of the high-touch surfaces in the car to prevent the build-up of residue.

5. Line and Clean the Cupholders

From spilled juice to dust, cupholders are a magnet for messes. You can help curb some of the mess by lining your cupholders with silicone muffin cups! Clean the silicone cups often and wipe out any crumbs or spills that strayed past the bounds of the muffin cup.

6. Vacuum

The aforementioned Cheerios have a way of finding their way to the floor, too, along with dirt, rocks, and lots of other debris. A few times a month, vacuum out the interior of the car from top to bottom to get all of the things that have fallen to the floor.

7. Storage Solutions

Small bins and over-the-seat organizers can help keep essentials stowed away and organized in the car. They can also help you sort out what stays in the car and what needs to be brought back into the house.

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