Become A Pro: A Car Detailing Guide

Detailing your vehicle is important to preserve its original appearance. If you regularly wash and take care of your car, it will continue to look good and shine for years to come. This can provide benefits down the road should you eventually trade your vehicle in for a new one.

However, professional detailing can be costly. To avoid the daunting prospect of spending oodles of money on a service that can be done from the comfort of your own home, you should be aware of several tips and tricks to detailing your own vehicle.

Here are a few car detailing tips to ensure that your vehicle looks and smells like a brand new car.

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Car Detailing Tips

  • Wash the windows – Like mirrors, windows need washed on occasion. Yet, most people fail to wash the edges of the windows that people do not see. All it takes is but a few minutes with a clean rag and some Windex to ensure that the entirety of your window looks fresh and clean.
  • Plastic and vinyl colorant – If the interior of your doors looks scuffed, scratched, and discolored, the best method to clean it up is to spray on several coats of colorant. Take about five to 10 minutes between sprays and then wait 24 hours for the colorant to dry.
  • Rinse your car before washing – Professional detailers always rinse the car before applying soapy water. The reason? Soapy water will grind the surface dust and road grit into your vehicle’s paint finish.
  • Brush our the air vents – Air vents are a magnet for dust and dirt. The best method to tackle this project is to use an artist’s paintbrush that is coated with a drizzle of furniture polish. Work the brush in the crevices to collect the dust.
  • Remove minor scratches – Use 3,000-grit sand paper, a rubbing and polishing compound, and polishing pads to start. Attach to a portable drill or dual action polisher unit to remove minor paint scratches on the body of your car.
  • Use a microfiber mitt – Sponges capture and hold dirt and grit in their pores. Microfiber mitts allow the grit to fall off once you rinse it. It will make the process of washing your vehicle that much easier.

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