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Blacklight Run

Who says running isn’t fun? You might normally be a couch potato, but you’ll have a blast at the Blacklight Run. The run will be on March 16 at the Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium and it’s going to be a glowing good time. This is the craziest, brightest runaround, so register and get ready to go wild.

Here’s everything you have to know about race day.

Put on Your White Tee

You need to wear a white T-shirt during the run. Then, as you take off down the 5K course, you’ll get covered in Blacklight Run UV Glow Powder. This special powder will shine in the blacklight, so you’ll be glowing with all kinds of different colors. You’ll be lighting up Texas as you run this race.

Oh, and the colors will be everywhere. Racers leave in waves, so the entire stadium will be lit up. If you were to fly a drone from above, it would look like a color explosion took over the stadium.

Get There Early

OK, so the race sounds like fun, right? How can it get any better? Well, how does a pre-party sound? The pre-party starts 1.5 hours before the run, and it’ll have music and dancing. Get there early, jump around to warm up, and then head for the starting line.

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Who Said Parties Have to End?

You’ll be on cloud nine when you finish the race. All those bright colors will put you in the party spirit, and fortunately, you can head directly to the afterparty. It’s not just any afterparty, either. It’s the Neon Sky afterparty, and it’s crazy fun. There’ll be glow powder galore, free merchandise, music, and tons of dancing. The race is colorful, but it doesn’t compare to the afterparty. This is when things get really wild.

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