Fall Bucket List For You And The Family

Mother and her little cute daughter are dusting cake

Autumn is here and now, it’s time for some family cheer! Football is being played, chunky sweaters are being worn, and pumpkin recipes are being made. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the fall season? Be sure to give it all you have by following this family fall bucket list.

Make Your Favorite Pumpkin Treats

For most, the first thing that comes to mind on the first day of fall is pumpkins. If you are a fan of the pumpkin flavors, September couldn’t roll around soon enough. From the all-famous pumpkin spice latte to loaves, muffins, and specialty cream cheeses and danishes, if you love pumpkin flavors, it’s time to whip up your favorite treats. Oh, and don’t forget to roast pumpkin seeds, as this is an activity in the kitchen kids and parents can enjoy together!

Go Apple Picking

If your tastebuds salivate at the thought of apple flavors, rather than pumpkin, go pick them for yourself. Not only are orchards a family-friendly space, but they make for the perfect photo opportunity. Once you get home, bake a homemade apple pie, cider donuts, or stir up a hot pot of apple cider.

Take a Hike

The summer heat is brutal, so it probably kept you indoors. Now, it’s time to get outside! Throw on your favorite flannel, cover your head with a toboggan, lace up your favorite hiking boots, and visit a local park to take a hike.

Enjoy the Fall Foilage On a Picnic

Why enjoy your meals at the dinner table when you could be enjoying them while admiring the autumn colors? Rich in yellow, orange, and red, these are sights you will want to see. Pack up your favorite warm meal, like a hearty casserole, or tomato soup and grilled cheese, a blanket, and your family to enjoy a meal in the breezy weather.

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Prepare for Halloween

It’s never too early to decorate for Halloween. Head to the store to grab some bats, skulls, spider webs, and pumpkins to prepare for the creepy holiday. Also, start thinking about how the family will dress up this year. Pick your favorite football team or characters from a movie or book and imitate their look.

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