How To Keep Your Vehicle Warm Overnight

A mature man cleans his car with a brush after a snowfall.

Though it is Texas and the winter months are not overly frigid, there are days and nights when the temperature dips into the uncomfortable zone. When that happens, life becomes a tad more uncomfortable, and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than waking up in the morning and walking to your car to begin your day only to realize that it is frozen over inside and out.

Here are five ways that you can keep your car warm overnight if the temperature takes a drastic plunge:

  • Replace the engine oil dipstick with a dipstick heater.
  • Use an oil pan heater.
  • Park your car in a garage.
  • Use an engine block heater.
  • Place an electric blanket over the engine.

Why it’s Important to Keep Your Car Warm

Cold weather has a negative impact on the performance of your vehicle. Cold temperatures causes oil to coagulate, which results in your vehicle’s engine struggling to turn, along with the reduction of energy that is generated by your battery. Starting your vehicle’s engine when it is frozen wears it down and reduces its life. That’s why it is important to start your vehicle on a warm engine and battery.

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Tips to Keep Your Car Warm at Night

The easiest step is to park your vehicle in a garage, if you have one. This prevents the engine and battery fluids from freezing. Temperatures between 55-72 degrees is preferred. You can also use an engine block heater. Most cars already have one installed, but if yours doesn’t, you can have one installed by a professional. A block heater is placed in the engine to heat the coolant that then transmits heat to the entire engine. The block heater has a cord attached that can be plugged into an outlet.

A pan heater is also helpful. You place it at the bottom of the oil pan to keep the engine warm. This causes warm oil to run through your vehicle’s engine when you start it. If necessary, you can also place an electric blanket over the top of the engine or inside the hood to radiate heat into the engine fluids.

Additionally, you can replace your engine oil dipstick with a dipstick heater. These are cheap and easy to use. You need to replace the dipstick heater with the original dipstick before you start your vehicle and head out.

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