Check Out The Goodies At La Villita Historic Arts Village

Ceramic dishes, tableware and jugs sold at art market

La Villita translates to “little village,” and that is exactly what it is! Located right on the South Bank of the river walk, La Villita occupies a 1-square block in the heart of San Antonio. The village is on the U.S. government’s National Register of Historic Places as a Historic District. Its architectural styles range from simple Adobe to early Victorian and Texas limestone buildings.


La Villita is considered a cornerstone piece of San Antonio’s foundation with over 300 years of history. The cobblestone streets date back to the colonial era. During the Texas War for Independence, the village became a site for revolution. By the late 1870s, the area began to grow, bringing back the hustle and bustle of the once-lively village.

Dining & Shopping

Explore new flavors with authentic Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex snacks at La Villita! The village hosts a vibrant array of restaurants specializing in spicy tastes, glorious sights, and quick bites. Local artisans show up and show out with their crafting skills. Handmade items such as jewelry, pottery, and artwork as well as homemade foods, line the streets at La Villita. There is nowhere in the world quite like La Villita. You can shop for incredibly detailed handcrafted items with an authentic style while you snack on the best food you will ever taste! 


La Villita is home to many event venues that offer a historic vibe in a downtown setting. There are private spaces that accommodate groups from 80 to 1,000 people. Make your celebration even more special at La Villita! For venue reservation inquiries, send a message on the La Villita website!

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Events To Come

La Villita hosts a wide array of events, parties, festivals, and extravaganzas that are fun for everyone, no matter how you choose to celebrate! Some of the city’s most popular festivals kick off in the streets of La Villita. La Villita keeps San Antonio vibrant every day of the year. Events such as Diwali San Antonio and Fiesta Navideña attract thousands of people each year. Good times and even greater memories can be expected when you attend one of these events at La Villita. 

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