How to Prepare Your Trade-In Before Coming to the Dealership

people on car lot handing over keys for a trade-in
Are you getting ready to buy your next car? You can increase your buying power with a trade-in, so use these tips to get your old vehicle ready to go.

Clean Up Your Car

If you’ve ever staged a home for sale or dressed sharp for a job interview, you already know how much presentation matters. The same is true for your car, so if you want to maximize the value of your trade, remember to spruce up that vehicle as best as you can before bringing it in. You’ll need to clean it up inside and out, so give the exterior a thorough wash from the roof to the hubcaps. Then clean out the interior to address any stains in the upholstery or crumbs in the floorboards. If you really want to invest in your car’s appearance, consider getting it professionally detailed.

Take Care of Parts and Maintenance

Your car must promise more than good looks if you want it to earn you a top trade-in value. It must also run well and have all its essential parts in order. Make sure it’s up to date on all its key maintenance, from oil changes to reliable tires. All the basic fluids should be accounted for, including coolant and washer fluid. Check for any lights that should be replaced as well. However, keep in mind that major repair issues might be better left to the dealer, as it could be easier to let them deal with the expense after the trade-in.

Get a Trade-In Estimate

When you’ve prepared your vehicle to trade in, you don’t have to waste time researching all the specifics of your car to determine how much it could be worth. The year, make, and model all influence the market value, and you can get a clear estimate online using our convenient trade-in appraisal tool. With just a few quick questions, you can get an idea of what your car could be worth, so that you can make your next decisions with confidence.

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