Stay On Top Of Your Vehicle’s Spring Maintenance


Before you click on the link to stay on top of your vehicle’s spring maintenance with these tips, we have an asterisk you need to read first. You’ll notice tip number one is about snow tires. Then you’ll notice tip number two is about caring for your wiper blades after months of road salt. By then, you may be thinking to yourself, “I live in the San Antonio, Texas, area. Do I really need a bunch of tips about snow and ice?” Good point. But you haven’t read tip number three, which will be at the top of the list on our post. And anyway, you’ve read this far already. Why not read the rest and see what these tips are all about?

Cylinder Head Gaskets

It may have been a minute since you last checked the underside of your car for leaks. And if you have an asphalt driveway, stains can be difficult to spot. So, take a big piece of cardboard and put it underneath your car. After a day or two, remove it and look at what you see. Are there any stains on the cardboard? Could they be engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or something else? Not matter what they are, it is best to go ahead and take your vehicle in for service so that it can be checked out.

Oil Pan Gaskets

Are you going to go the DIY route if you have a leaky oil pan gasket? Ooh. May the force be with you, friend. Check that your drain plug isn’t loose and that your oil filter is in place properly. After that, well, the force is with our service team.

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30-60-90 Rule

Are you familiar with the 30-60-90 rule? Many manufacturers recommend inspecting or replacing certain components of your car at the 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 mile mark. Regular maintenance visits to professional service technicians can make sure your car is staying up to date.

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