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These 5 Car Washing Brushes Are Perfect

Soapy Car
When car, truck, and SUV owners are passionate about their vehicles, they take care of them, and only the best will do. The best parts, the best fuel, and the best fluids are all important. The same is true when it comes to washing their vehicle. They want soap and... [read more]

Hyundai Tops The Charts

When people are shopping around to buy a new car, truck, or SUV, they take into account many different considerations. Primarily, drivers want to look at safety, performance, drivability, efficiency, style, and comfort ratings for the vehicles they are considering. Well, here are eight other factors to think about before... [read more]

Look No Further Than Hyundai For The Best Family Vehicle

Black 2023 Hyundai Palisades on a smoky gray background.
Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA) recently named the Family Vehicle of the Year for 2023. Guess which vehicle from Hyundai's phenomenal lineup took home the award - the 2023 Hyundai Palisade. There are a lot of features that make the Palisade a great fit for shoppers looking for a vehicle... [read more]

Stay On Top Of Your Vehicle’s Spring Maintenance

Before you click on the link to stay on top of your vehicle's spring maintenance with these tips, we have an asterisk you need to read first. You'll notice tip number one is about snow tires. Then you'll notice tip number two is about caring for your wiper blades after... [read more]

What To Do Before Selling A Car

For sale
Buying a car can be stressful. But selling a car can be stressful too. You want to get the maximum amount of money you can get. Most importantly, you want to find a buyer. So, how do you do it? There are plenty of tips and tricks out there that... [read more]

Changing A Flat Tire Step By Step

man touching a flat tire on the roadside
You may be the most cautious driver on the road. Even the most careful driver, however, cannot prevent their car from getting a flat tire. With rough road conditions like potholes, sharp objects like nails, and other factors, a flat tire can happen in just a moment. While you cannot... [read more]

Common Driving Mistakes

Driving on the road at dusk
We drive every day, and like any routine, familiarity leaves room for mistakes. Even experienced drivers make this common driving errors, so remember to watch out for them while you’re behind the wheel. Ignoring Your Speed While it might be tempting to floor it one morning if you’re late for work, those... [read more]

What’s That Squealing Sound?

Old serpentine belt
If you hear a loud squealing of chirping noise emanating from under the hood of your car, it's two things --- alarming and probably caused by your engine's belts. Keep reading to find out what squealing belts mean and what to do about it. Why Is My Engine Belt Squealing? A belt... [read more]

Level Up In A 2022 Hyundai Kona

kona suv on blank background
Tired of run-of-the-mill subcompact SUVs that have to sacrifice in either space, power, or amenities? Then you're looking for the Hyundai Kona. This dynamic SUV is able to suit many different lifestyles from the downtown commuter to the road-trip explorer to the carpool hero, and it can fit into your... [read more]

How To Tell When You Need New Tires

Four rows of new tires
One of the worst things that can happen is driving down the road and realizing that you have a flat tire. The first sign is the jittering, catawampus ride experience and the last is hearing the sound of the rubber slapping the pavement in a grim announcement of your misfortune.... [read more]